An interesting article in the SMH today:


Women expect to retire with $200,000 less than men in superannuation

The article describes Andrea, a young 32 years old woman who, in her words:

“I thought about what I could afford when I stopped working. And about what would happen if my husband passed away and I was on my own, on one income or with one super [balance] … I think it’s quite realistic for women to expect to have less than their counterpart.”

and then she goes on to say:

“I know because my predecessor – a male – was made redundant and I’m now in his position and I’m definitely not getting paid the same as he was in this role.”

Andrea makes the same mistake that most other Australians make.  Can you see it?

She avoids the responsibility and blames other people.

Unfortunately for Andrea, there will always be a reason, an excuse, as to why you’ll have less than someone else.

We see clients like this all the time.  Our suggestions:

  1. Consolidate your loans.  Combine your credit card(s) / personal loans / car loans into a low interest loan
  2. Set a budget and stick to it!  You’ll be surprised at what difference an $200 can make.
  3. (Appropriate!) Protection.  Andrea talks about her fears if her husband passes away.  Put the strategy in place today to protect yourself


Of course, this is all common sense.  But so is hitting a tennis ball, or learning to eat healthy or learning how to swim.  And of course all these are much easier to do with a coach in your corner.

With a Financial Coach, we can:

  1. Consolidate your loans for you (or certainly point you in the right direction)
  2. Show you how to set a realistic budget and how to stay on track
  3. Show you what types of protection are available and an independent way to define just how much protection you need


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